Diploma in

Nutritional Therapy in 2009.

Having completed my Diploma in Nutritional Therapy in 2009 and successfully improving health and wellness to many people, I decided to widen my qualifications and services by completing a Diploma in Reflexology, Massage & Aromatherapy along with certifying in Integrated Energy Therapy, to assist in accelerating client physical and mental wellness.

Onsite Nursing home therapies.

In more recent years I have focused on onsite Nursing home therapies, I have a strong passion for caring for the elderly and vulnerable providing them with heartfelt love and understanding during their therapy services. I also provide one to one treatment sessions for one hour or half an hour for residents.

Onsite corporate Massage and Reflexology.

Onsite corporate Massage and Reflexology is another area in which I decided to focus on in recent years, especially with my personal experience in this sometimes, stressful environment.

I continue to provide one to one therapies in the therapy room in the Baskin Hub

If you’d like to contact me to discuss any of the services about you can call on +353864067082 or email lcarthy72@gmail.com